This week I met the demands of the assignment well. Not only did I get my three blog posts out on time, one of them was quite lengthy and met the word count limit easily. I also am getting my reflection done on time since I have internet connection back this week! Hooray!

I am having some trouble on my blog trying to get notes and followers. I thought it would be easier that it is proving to be. I am looking into it a lot and doing a lot of research trying to figure out the secrets, but mostly they all say the same things...
I did have some notes on some of my posts, which I found to be very exciting. On person challenged my views on the Beauty and the Beast "Is LeFou gay or not" issue and another person reblogged one of my original posts and added her own thoughts to it. I find it really exciting to receive feedback so I am doing what I can to try and keep getting it.
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