My blog continues to slowly gain more notes and followers. I started with no followers and am up to seven. That may not seem like a lot of followers, but to me, since I knew relatively nothing about blogging outside of what this class taught me, I think that that is pretty damn good. I continue to get small amounts of notes on a regular basis, unless someone decides that everything I do is great and goes through and likes every single one of my posts, it happens and Ill take it!

As I continue to blog about the trigger or hot topics of the week I notice that this is the best way to GET noticed. The hashtags mean everything. Even if I put somewhat irrelevant (relevant but not directly relevant) tags on my posts it throws the posts into more bins generating a larger group of people who see what I have written.

I continued my attempt at an "extreme" blogging method. I posted in an extremely aggressive voice. Passive posts, as I have experienced, do not get notes. The angrier, the snottier, the more intense, the better. Its fun being extreme. Even if some of my personal opinions are not as intense, I will play them up, it gets a larger reaction.

I have earned a lot through this experimental blog and I will probably continue to use this blog in the future. It has proven itsself to be a good outlet for my angry feminist rants and opinions that I otherwise could not express in an environment that either understands or agrees.

Blog on!
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