Once agin I met my goals for blogging this week and even actually spent more time just browsing tumblr posts and commenting on things and reblogging things, i was almost never not on tumblr just looking.

I gained a follower this week which was really exciting. I know that the more original content I post the more followers and noted I will get but its hard to come up with content that I feel like is going to gain a lot of attention. My goal for next week is to try and accommodate this by only blogging on things that are current events. I think that if I take current hot topics and debates and use those as fodder for my blog, there will be a higher level of response considering that is what people will be currently taking about and searching. I am noticing a pattern for this type of blog, however. Almost all of the feminist blogs I follow will be talking about the same things, hence I think that that is a good place to start looking for hot topics to discuss and comment on.

I am noticing how integrated into my life my blog is becoming. In nearly everything I do I am thinking about and coming up with ideas to possibly blog about. I have even started using some of my personal schoolwork. I wrote a paper on the commodification of women through pride prices and dowries that I think I am going to post on my blog. "Why not?" I figure. It fits the theme.

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