This past week has been the best week so far for my blog! My blog gained a follower this week and I had the most notes on my posts of any week yet! I got in a fight with someone so my goal was reached! It was extremely rewarding to be able to fight with an anonymous person about a subject that I am passionate about.

This week I used popular or hot topic as the subject of my post and it really paid off. I will continue this line of action. I am trying to get any reaction, positive or negative. This week I got both.

I am learning that the best way to earn a reaction is by blogging about the most popular topics and by having an extreme opinion. People tend not to notice post with a passive voice. The best way to gain the notes is by having an extreme opinion.

The integration of this blog into my life continues. I think about it often and I literally jumped up and down when I realized I was about to get in a "tumblr fight". My goal had been accomplished. This blog is becoming such a part of my life that my friends and family have actually started giving me ideas to blog about.

My plan for next week is to continue this patter of blogging on hot topics with an escalated level of opinion. The more extreme the better for notes.

blog on!
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