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Executive description

I will create and post in a tumblr blog that focuses on the topic of gender inequality in everyday life. This blog will provide information on feminism and challenge the values and beliefs of a patriarchal society as well as provide examples of gender inequality, the perpetuation of rape culture and any other relevant topic.


This Tumblr blog will serve as a way to address gender inequality in today's modern society by providing information on different topics of relevancy, providing reviews on articles, products, TV shows and by creating an open environment for a feminist perspective on ANYTHING in life. Misogyny and patriarchal ways of thought are normalized in todays society, and I would like to challenge that by pointing out examples of this behavior that I see in my everyday personal life as well as my personal thoughts on a variety of other topics. The point is to take nearly any subject and prove how it has been shaped by a patriarchal society.

I am going to start this blog off by following many other feminist blogs. My first post will be on a trending topic that I can take a feminist standpoint on. I want my first post to be on a trending topic because I think that will be the best time to gain readers. After my first post I will continue to post my personal feminist standpoint on nearly any and every topic. The goal of this blog is to show the world throught a feminists eyes.

The blog will be set up so that my posts will be displayed by date posted and each post will be organized by categories and tags that will be accessible through a catalogue on the blog page

I will be writing pretty much anything and everything that I form an opinion on. There is really no limit. I might take a feminist viewpoint on movies or products or I might post a rant about my opinions on rape culture in America. The point of Angry Feminist Rants And Reviews is to just provide a second viewpoint on this (stupidly) 'controversial' topic.

This is a really important topic right now. By providing my view point I hope to open eyes to inequality women face.

This blog will be pretty informal. I would like the blog to be a type of open letter, or an open opinion page. I will be posting when I feel like it, when I find something, or when I feel like I need to get something off my chest. I have a lot of opinions and seek to share them in a way that is authentic to myself.

The project report for this project is still a little up in the air but I know one thing. My blog will probably be controversial and I know that if anyone actually does read my blog, it will probably evoke strong emotions. IF it does, I would like to report on my blog based on comments and reactions I get to my posts. I would like to see which topics get stronger reactions than others and what type of people react to and read my blog (if anyone does).

Weekly Reports

I will provide weekly reports via this wiki that will be due each Sunday by midnight. In these weekly reports I will assess how my blog is doing, any reactions my blog is getting, the overall success of my posts, including if I posted at least 3 times each week

Weekly reports will be posted to my personal wiki page, BriannaGraner, under WeeklyReportsBriannaGraner

Contract for Grade

I hope to update my blog at least three times a week, that being just a picture or a link or anything, but I my intent is to post a minimum of three times a week, this does not include my weekly reflections. The vast majority of my posts, as stated above, will be anything from a picture to a link to a review to a thought...etc...etc. there is not word limit on my posts. One of my posts each week, however MUST be AT LEAST 300 words.

I would like to set my grade contract to 150 points, or a B
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