This doesn't directly relate to TheHorrorsOfSocialMeeja but it is something that was brought up in class the day we discussed the ideas that come along with that project. Bring the first person so work on a wiki page, being the initial author is an interesting postition. On one hand you control the start of the discussion- the place from where other ideas will grow. On the other hand- does it really matter at all if you are first? Since the order of comments can be moved around and edited the only person who will always remember that you started a page/discussion will be YOU. This is an interesting situation because in other arenas of discussion intellectual ownership (forget intellectual property, that went out the window a while ago) is something that can still be monitored, marked, and noted. People care when you steal other peoples ideas (kinda) in other places, but on a wiki no one gives a hoot, in fact it is encouraged- so the perks of being a page starter are change quite a bit in a wiki. I still believe there are values to starting a page and as I develop this page (which I have started, just pointing that out) I think that some interesting insights will shake loose.

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