BloggingCommunities form when people of similar interests connect by reading and commenting on each other's blogs. These communities can form when people who know each other outside of the BlogoSphere connect on blogs or when people discover others while browsing blogs. Often bloggers connect with other bloggers who have similar writing styles or similar interests in terms of content. It's possible to find an already established BloggingCommunity or create one (creating one usually occurs for a specific purpose).

BloggingCommunities allow people to instantly connect with others.

Something that I really enjoy about blogging is that because publishing is easy, I have the freedom to publish random things (quizes, bizarre links, or whatever). It's an easy place to post the things I discover when I'm wasting time on the internet (or learning about myself through procrastination). I do like the chain reactions that often happen within the blogging community due to the things people post. Recently, Aspen posted a quiz on her blog. I really liked it, so I posted my results on my blog. One of my friends, who belongs to an online forum that I also belong to, read my blog and liked the quiz. He started a thread on the forum with the quiz results. Because of the BloggingCommunities that form people who never could have intersect have an opportunity to do so. In that way, I don't feel that a blog is a solitary effort. I don't just read my own blog. I read the blogs of others and comment on them and connect with their authors.


BloggingCommunities are something you can't get when writing novels. Sure, there are definitely communities of authors who comment on one another's writing, but blogs allow daily commenting on what one is doing. This creates a connection that was not attainable before, and it is very rewarding. The communities encourage writers to continue, because they have a daily reminder that someone is reading their blog and finds some credibility in what they are writing. It's an accountability system to keep people motivated in their writing, and it isn't delayed gratification, like normal novel publication can be, because the product is out there immediately.


Tiffany has made a very valid observation. Blogging links you to others with the same interests. You can search Blogger to actually find others who like the same things you do. Sometimes you 'connect' with someone and may move to email or 'snail' mail to further the connection.
I enjoy visiting the blogs of others in my class, and through them I've made connections to even more people. It's not only entertaining, but I've learned a great deal about other places, hobbies, interests, etc.
Some blogs are very inspirational, even though the writers are just writing about their everyday lives. How they deal with problems they encounter is helpful to others going through similar situations.SharonSimpson

I have had the personal experience of connecting with another blogger. Something like this never would have happened be me outside of the blogosphere. For a class assingment I wrote about [ Loralee's blog]. She then found my blog, and we have been commenting ever since. I actually feel that Loralee is a friend of mine. We comment on blogs, give words of encouragement, write emails to one another if we don't want the whole world to read what we wrote, and even tease each other like we've been friends for a long time. I love that blogging allows this connection between to women so different in age, but struggling with the same things in life. Blogging enables a connection between people that would never be available because of distance.

I agree with sharon that it's nice learning about other places, hobbies, and interests. Instead of meeting people face to face without knowing if they share the same interests of you, search engines allow people to look up topics they are interested in and find others who are as well. It's an instant connection to people with whom you have things in common.


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