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=====Blogs and Blog Sites=====
a selection with a point

=== blog news ===
- WriteTheWeb

=== blog collections and registries ===
Sites that list blogs and for searching

- Boing Boing
- geoblog: the world as blog. world map updates as bloggers post entries.
- UK Weblog Aggregator

=== guides, blogging in various forums, blogs about blogging ===
- BROG: Blog research on genre
- Blogging in journalism: Tips and Tools at cyberjournalist

=== some pro bloggers ===

=== the daily daily / personal blogs ===
One thing blogs teach us is how to understand and how to value the everyday, the ordinary round of events.

- Tam I Am "Female. New Zealander. West-Central Auckland to be specific. Maori/Pakeha mixed ethnicity. Artist. Total movie buff. Designer. Half assed author. Narcissist. a textbook J.A.F.A -and proud."
- Java Diva] (via [ bizefingers]) Described as "Where caffeine musings meet soccer mom realities!"
- GirlHacker's Random Log Broad observations, often using a tv-journalist/news reportage voice - but always linking out: connecting Lily Tao's home life with the rest of the world. Powered by Blogger, and the blog is tied into a larger site. [ Bargin Hunting] illustrates the tie of home to outside.
- BecBlog Often brief, short entries. Bec occasinally posts small images from sites as a way in to critiquing and commenting on them. The images are all cited. I'm guessing doing this (small, low res images, for commenting, and source cited and linked to, by a private citizen) is legal under fair use.
- The Gallerita! A casual daily round, notable for lots of ''commenting'' from readers and friends.
- snoop bloggy blog July, 2006: Retired and archived. "a journal spanning four years and two continents." A blog interesting for how long Jen kept it and the variety of forms she used: some entries are haiku-like, others are lists, others short daily round entries, still others meditations. Often elliptical: notable for what she doesn't mention. She writes from a variety of places and often describes those surroundings as she writes - a narrative device of metalepsis. See, for instance, her [ blog entries from London]. Jen is now writing [ librarisaurus rex], a young adult/library blog.
- The Obviious Euan Semple. Meditation, commentary on Macs, UK rambles. Notable for breadth and focus: he covers a lot of topics, but focuses each entry neatly.
- Jeremy's Weblog. "Random trying-to-be-funny observations about law school life."

=== blogs tied to other media ===
- Blogs at the BBC by reporters and editors. Gives a behind the scenes look at how the newsroom works, tracking stories, opinion, and listenership.

=== institutional blogs ===
blogs tied to departments, divisions, institutions to carry our institutional goals
- [[ ETS at Pitt]]

=== scholarly / academic blogs ===
Blog activities are often scholarly activities. The blogger searching, reading, linking to and making thoughtful comment on events and postings is doing scholarly work. There is some discussion on [ Academic credit for blogging] and [ Blogging Thoughts: Personal Publication as an Online Research Tool, Torill Mortensen and Jill Walker. pdf download.] See more a BlogReadingsForCourse

Two kinds:scholars blogging in their position as scholars, and blogs supporting group scholarly activity.

- if:book
- LanguageLog

[[ Stupid Undergrounds] Kairos's 2003-2004 Best Academic Weblog Winner, Jenny Edbauer: "Stupid Undergrounds: I Found It on the Street" Jenny [[ writes about it.]]

* [[ Seb's Open Research]] for materials on blogs, blogging and scholarship.

* [[ "An eclectic mix of law, business and economics, politics and current events, Catholicism, and wine." ]]

* [[ CultureCat: rhetoric, feminism, and other tidbits]] Clancy Ratliff, PhD comp/rhet student at U of M.

* [[ jill/txt]] Noteable for design, purpose, connectedness, and list of research blogs @ Jill's brief changes from time to time. Currently, she's teaching a web design /web culture course and blogging what's happening. "The new year sees Jill pretty damned pleased with herself. With herdr. art. diploma shoved safely into her hip pocket she's looking forward to a season full of teaching, research on networked writing, applying for a permanent position, loving, living, blogging."

* [[ The Rhetorica Network]], Andrew R. Cline, Ph.D. "Analysis of Rhetoric, Propaganda, and Spin in Politics and Journalism."

=== PedaBlogs - blogs for teaching by teachers ===
warrants its own page: PedaBlogs

=== professional blogs: blogs in support of professional practices: freelancing, editorializing, reputation building ===
Perhaps all blogs are involved self-promotion to an exent (and all language is sermonic). Some illustrate how providing content supports self-promotion and freelancing; others are focused more on professional practices.

* "News and musings on how we communicate in the online age. By AMY GAHRAN: writer, editor, trainer."

* [ Talking Points Memo] News and opinion oriented, with embedded links to sources and counterpoints. Joshua Micah Marshall "a Contributing Writer for the Washington Monthly and a columnist for The Hill."

* [ Common Craft], Lee LeFevre Uses his blog to promote his business and self, primarily by providing content that he and others can use. For instance, a posting [ pitching blogs for business] and an entry [ explaining wikis].

* [ First Draft]. by Tim Porter. On journalism. "I am an editor and writer who entered newspapering as a reporter with a typewriter and left it as an editor building websites. Today, I work independently but retain a passion for newspapers and the pursuit of quality journalism."

*, heather james. "notes from a woman in ireland who enjoys working within education, and is interested in creative uses of technology"

=== project blogs : enthusiast blogs ===
* [ London Underground Tube Diary], Annie Mole. Daily observations and commentary on going underground. Incorporates photos. Mole's writing is tight and observant, her postings regular.

* [ Where the hell was I?] [ About the blog] Six months of daily postings from "an aspiring standup comic." Audience-directed (has to be: he's a comic, right?).

* [ Alas, a Blog] Noteable for linking out, the blog roll, the cartoons...

* [ Pop Culture Junk Mail] "Pop Culture Junk Mail features links to pop-culture-themed web sites. Favorite topics include trashy TV, British royalty, the 1980s, toys, movies, cats, makeup, weird food and more." Have a look at the author's [ Why Weblogs?]

* [ Bloggus Caesari: a Weblog by Julius Caesar] Regular updates from the Gaelic front lines. On hiatus as of Nov 2003.

* [ Abbe Normal] John Abbe writing about "an elephant, my life here in SriLanka, and whatever else is in the text box when i click 'Save.'" This is wiki-fuses-to-blog in practice.

* [ the spin starts here darl] (via [ s froyd]). Collective Australian blog. Opinionated, terse, persistent.

=== collective blogs ===
* [ de novo] Commentary and symposia by four law students. (Shades of <i>Invention as a Social Act</i>.) Interesting as a model for a collective weblog and debate. They invite participation.

* KairosNews: A Weblog for discussing rhetoric, technology, and pedagogy

* Computer and Composition blog

* Revising Teaching. A group blog. "Serving as a forum to reflect on the teaching of writing and rhetoric, Revising Teaching invites contributions from anyone who believes that good teaching, like good writing, is achieved through constant revision.

* The invisible adjunct. "Occasional thoughts on higher education, campus politics, the use and abuse of adjunct faculty, the academic "job market," and various other absurdities." Set up to encourage participants to post comments. Less discussion on pedagogy and more reaction. Gives an interesting sense of how teaching is perceived. [via culturecat]

=== to file ===
* Big Dumptruck

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