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Hi, my name is Beth Jensen. I’m from Bemidji, MN and currently attend Bemidji State University. I am pursuing a Masters in Education degree with an emphasis in Online Teaching. In addition, I am working on an Electronic Writing Certificate. I work as a graduate assistant in eLearning Support.

I am married to Shane and have three children, Rachel (12), Nicole (9) and Matthew (6). Other members of the family include our dog, "Caramel," two cats, "Max" & "Oreo," and fish, "Fergie."

Class Project

Wiki Project

Studio Tour Assignment


Barn Raising Assignment

Following is a list of the pages I edited... On each page I revised wording to make it more readable and corrected some spelling/grammer errors.

Following is a list of the pages I created...

Following is a list of the pages I contributed to...

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