Title of project:

ThinkTank: The rationalization and objective observations of society.

Executive description:

I am going to do social commentary in blog form. It will not be a rant, though they will slip in, but a commentary about the politics, media, and overall culture of everyone and everything, especially the internet.


I intend to express my opinion in a social commentary blog by using my Blogger blog built for class. I want to cover many topics, in a manner that will attract an audience. I intend to build an audience based around my writing by using a notebook weblog. At least three times per week I will post a current event topic or something I feel needs to be addressed in my blog. All in hope of building an audience for my blog and open up a discussion based social commentary blog.

As the audience for my blog hopefully builds, I will start having an open discussion on my posts. Returning to topics later as these discussions take place. I would eventually be willing to take suggestions for my topics from the intended audience. I will try to make it more interactive as I progress and hopefully so will my audience.

I was inspired to do this blog when researching blogs for the blogging on blogs assignment. Coming to http://www.4thletter.net/ I was intrigued by differing opinions to review and discuss a topic. I thought it would be easier for a single person to make the blog interactive and let the audience help determine what is posted and how to interpret it.

My main focus for the design of this commentary blog will likely be political and news events. There are several different topics I have in mind but they won't be covered as much or as well as the other subjects. I will link to websites as I see fit. If I get my information from one or one catches my attention then I will link my blog. I'm going to place any and all sites of interest in my blog roll once I find them, many of which will be the subjects of postings. I see this blog as a little Daily Show in idea, but not entirely based around humor. More or less by posting my opinions, I hope to gain an audience who understands what I am saying and can relate it and expand it themselves. If I can change someone's opinion of one subject then I wouldn't say my job is done, but I would feel like I accomplished something as a writer. I intend to through my blog address into all the major search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, as well as many blog portals to get my blog out there and help find my audience.

I envision my project report as a final post deciding if I was effective in gaining an audience and keeping it up the way I intended. My final post will conclude in two ways depending on how the report goes. If I was capable of actually gaining the audience I intended, I will potentially continue it. If it goes sour on me, I will look at where I possibly went wrong and what I may have been able to do to accomplish my goal.

Contract for Grade:

I plan to post a minimum of three times per week. Once in the beginning, once in the middle, and once at the end. I expect them to be long posts usually. Something around 500-1000 words depending on how I feel about my subject of the post and what I really want to say about it. I also expect I will post inbetween my minimum three posts fairly regularly based on whatever happens in the real world during that week. I am contracting 750 points here. I hope to be focused on my blog, but with my main theme being a generalized topic, social commentary that is, I may not get to my hopeful 500-1000 word posts. I may not find anything to post about either and would not be able to keep to my schedule. I will be realistic about this approach and only go for the 750 points, with hopes of reaching something worth 1000 points.


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