The Beehive Theory of Wiki Media

What was trying to be said here is that unlike traditional forms of media, Wiki media tends to act as some would assume a beehive acts.

Yes, there is a leader, but not in the strict sense of the word. The leader in this case is much like the queen bee, only there to foster the fledglings and provide a vague sense of direction. The Wikimaster fulfills that roll. They have no real power when they use their privileges for the common good. And it could be argued that if they did abuse their power, the Wiki would no longer be a wiki, it would be a suped-up message board with little or no direction. One might suggest that human nature, in an odd sort of way, plays a fairly big part of the Wikimaster roll. The benevolent, passive philosopher king.

But that's not all folks: Instead of conglomerating the information up and in, like a media news outlet--those bastards in their ebon towers--Wikis tend to collect data and build downwards and out, like a... beehive! Haha! It is done! The metaphor is complete!

Oh, and guess what: there's not a single use of the "I" in that entry. Let's try working on that, little bees. It's time to become one MeldedIdentity.

A wiki is like a BeeHive when everyone works for the common good.
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