BS majors identify yourselves. Assessment imminent.

From the BOT Assessment grid:

A. A teacher of communication arts and literature understands central concepts common to the teaching and learning of communication arts and literature content.

In addition to the work for this course you submit for a university grade, you will write a 6-page paper or 1500-word blog entry in which you demonstrate the following, as required by the BOT:

(4) [that you understand] technological resources including software, databases, and networks that can be used to gather, synthesize, create, and communicate knowledge;

(d) [that you understand the] conventions for presenting, arranging, and organizing information in particular genres or media;

(a) [that you understand the] relationships among the elements of the communication process across various types of print and non print media;

(b) [that you understand the] effects of the various types of electronic audiovisual media on the communication process;

(c) [that you understand] competent participation as a consumer and producer of media communication; and

(d) [that you understand the] functional, aesthetic, and ethical values of media communication;

We will not directly address any of these matters in this class, but the BOT is requiring me to assess you of them in this class. The paper I'm asking for is your opportunity to connect what you're reading and doing in this class and others with the requirements set by the BOT. If you have questions about the procedure, criteria, or requirements, contact your advisor or Carol Knicker at

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