The Audience As Collaborator

As mentioned in the AudienceAsCollective wikis can be modified by anyone. So as illustrated by SentencesAboutWritingOnAWiki the collaborators (in this case, us) determine what our the public will read and they can freely edit and modify anything that gets posted on here. It is a collaborative effort to put more content on the pages and to put the content that we want to see. Since visitors don't really influence how we write or what we write about it is purely up to us to decide what gets written and how. The community members have a chance to collaborate and decide what gets posted therefore they basically write it. It's kind of like having a group chat with your colleagues. You throw around ideas and then others can add on and improve it. Even if a stranger saw it they probably would not understand what is being discussed. The audience as collaborator is because of the nature of wikis.

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