A Review of the www.folkipedia.com Folkipedia wiki.

According to their front page statements, www.folkipedia.com Folkipedia is "is a collection of articles about Folk which anyone can contribute." Further explained is the intended purpose of www.folkipedia.com Folkipedia: "The aim of Folkipedia is to provide a resource to everyone interested in the Traditional Music, Songs, Dances, Instruments and people that form the rich culture called Folk. This can be a repository of lyrics, histories, biographies, explanations, how-tos - anything connected with the folk world."

Powerd by a service called "Sliki", www.folkipedia.com Folkipedia has no apparent affiliations with any other site, blog or wiki.

The site does not appear to have a basic 'About' section to give users information about its beginnings or acting managers. The link a user would use to contact the administration is a basic admin E-mail address registered to the domain. The site does not appear to have a list of current users or contributors, but as proven by its Recent Changes page, the site is consistently being updated.

When wanting to create or edit an existing page, users are told they must complete a www.folkipedia.org/index.php?pageName=EditApplication Folkipedia Edit Application. However, there is no literal application/process, rather, the hopeful editor submits their E-mail address which, upon approval, will receive the current password. From there, a user is able to edit any page, or create a page, within the wiki.

www.folkipedia.com Folkipedia has a simple, uncluttered layout, as it appears to have little to no commercial aspirations. The site does well with a basic, informational driven layout. The site does, however, have typical basic advertisement banners from www.google.com Google which would provide the site with some financial boost.

www.folkipedia.com Folkipedia has numerous pages, all listed alphabetically. The pages, however, are not all developed and heavily useful pages; many contain only a simple definition of the word or topic indicated on each page.

www.folkipedia.com Folkipedia visitors should not expect a fully developed site. Still in need of more contributions from wiki-users across the world, Folkipedia has a ways to go before it can hold its own in the ranks of more developed wikis. While the site provides basic information and simple details on various topics relating to folk music, it is not a site one should rely upon solely.

Contributed by: MarthaPeters
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