There Is No Spoon

In this page we will discuss further why there is no need to define a wiki. Some of the key points include:

What is Agnostic you might ask?
As an adjective it means to be uncertain of all claims to knowledge. -[]-

The wiki obviously doesn’t have a government as an institution or dedicated organization, and quite obviously isn’t a government in and of itself. The wiki itself does have a governing body - defined as: the persons who make up a body for the purpose of administering something. To deny that we (the class, in this particular wiki) have any power over what is written/performed here debases a central point of the wiki, the sharing of (and, I’ve noticed, a possible institution of) ideas.

This page itself is a wonderful example of that idea base. By taking a word that is predominantly used to describe one’s (non-)preference for religious idealism, and expanding it’s meaning to encompass the world at large, one projects the concept of something greater than the sum of its parts while still allowing for it’s ever-changing nature. The fact that this change imparts an inability to give a pinpoint definition to ‘wiki’ is trivial, since it is simply defined by what it is at any given point.

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