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M C Morgan, Prof English
Dept of English
1500 Birchmont Dr #23
Bemidji State University
Bemidji MN 56601 USA
218 755 2814
[[]]>>=====About This Wiki =====
This wiki is for use and development by students of ENGL 3177/5177: Weblogs and Wikis, Bemidji State University, and is administrated by M C Morgan. Visitors are welcome to browse and borrow.

The BlogsAndWikis wiki is a [[ FishBowl]] wiki. Writing is limited to (present and past) students of the course, and to others by request ([[ email mmorgan]]), but everything written is observable by [[ TheAudience]] OurAudience

Started in 2003, using UseMod .9x, running on an iMac soccer-ball flatscreen, 1 gig RAM.

December 2006
Moved to WikkaWakka Wiki, running on a late generation Mac G4 tower. 1.5 gigs RAM.

22 Feb 2008
CategoryWikiHandbook: Started moving Writing on a Wiki handbook from Morgan's Wiki and elsewhere to create a handbook-inside-the-wiki at WikiWritingHandbook.

2 June 2009
Moved wiki from university host to [[]] hosted on Dreamhost. Running WikkaWakka Wiki

21 Dec 2009
Updated to WikkaWakka 1.2

== We share ==
{{image url="" img alt="Creative Commons License" link=""}} This work is licensed under a [[ Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 License]]

Ask me about commercial use. CreativeCommonsLicensing

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