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This is an education-focused wiki for the Westwood School (a private college preparatory school located in Camilla, Georgia). As is mentioned in the site's "welcome paragraph" (see quote below), this wiki is a fishbowl wiki--public can view, but only teachers and students of Westwood School can edit.
"Welcome, The Online space for students of Westwood Schools to learn and collaborate that is managed by Mrs. Davis. This page contains links to both public and private resources for the students to use. Please do not ask to join, although this space is publicly viewable it is only editable by the teacher and students."

The wiki is well-developed and has many links to blogs and other resources for parents and students. It incorporates wiki features such as project collaboration, discussions, and web publishing.


"This is the wikispace of the high school Computer Science classes of Westwood Schools in Camilla, Georgia taught by Vicki Davis. Students share the information that they glean from the Internet in a collaborative method with one another as the class builds their knowledge base."

The Creator

The wiki was created on November 30, 2005, by Vicki Davis, who is a teacher, entrepreneur, edublogger, conference presenter, and freelance writer.


The wiki has 624 pages, 200 outside resources link to this wiki site, and there are 111 contributors to the site. In February, the site had 800 visitors.

Instructions for Contributing

Teachers and students of Westwood, who would like help with contibuting to the wiki, can check out the editing page, or click on the help button located at the top of each page.


The only commercial link on the wiki is to the hosting company, wikispaces. The wiki contains links to numerous outside educational sites which serve as resources for the students. There are also several links to sites, such as The Boston Globe, which have singled-out this wiki for its innovation.

Hall of Fame

This wiki has an awards section where there are blog and wiki hall of fames. This is pretty cool as the student's blogs or wikis that were the most impressive make the list. Once you click on the wiki or blog hall of fame link you see that there is some of the students who made it and what content is needed to make the hall of fame.


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