"Prosperity" (pp. 2) can be a controlled idea or be one of "supreme excess" (5), but in either situation, it can be seen as the most "magnificent of opportunities" (7) provided one is capable of "triumphant execution" (6). After a time under these circumstances, one might grow into "maturity of accomplishment" (14), though one is always "susceptible of improvement" (8/9). Now "unusual pecuniary resources" (15) may come to one by "freaks of Fate" (4), it could also be an "order by God" (11/12) as a "sentiment of his Art" (10), man, one of "original beauty" (13). The ability to appreciate beauty in its natural, unaltered state allows for a "positive happiness" (16). To go even further towards this phenomenon of happiness, following the "principles of Bliss" (3) will lead to a very satisfactory state of mind and being.
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