Wild Hare Bistro and Coffee House

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Corner of 6th and Minnesota
Downtown, Bemidji

(Homepage) [http://www.wildharebistro.com/]

Open: Monday thru Friday 7am-5pm, Saturday 9am-3pm. The Wild Hare is not open on Sundays so please spend the day with family and religion

Wi-Fi? Yes.

Drive thru? No, is a sit down dinner.


They are local lovers; because they have locally grown organic food, local fair trade coffee, selling of local painting, they also sell scarves and hats that are hand knitted, and right next to their local police station. So eat and drink safe knowing the police are right next door.


Have a rather Italian style housing with old wood floors and creme colored walls. Have delicate wine glasses hanging from a holder that's attached to the ceiling. Extremely well light so a great place to read, though noise can carry relatively well inside. The Wild Hare gives a very homey and warm feeling especially with a family section in the back for kids that has games. Arm chairs for adults to rest in and watch the kids. The home room is separated from the main dinning area by a long hallway so that the kids won't disturb any of the other guests.


Surprisingly full menu that is a fusion of exotic local tastes. Their menu changes each month to keep it fresh and exciting to its visitors. The trade off of having such local treats is that it comes at a somewhat expensive price.


Beer and Wine is also sold at the cafe along with coffee and tea giving you a wider variety of drinks.


The chicken satay wrap (Daily Special) and though delicious, it fell apart during consumption. The Wild Rice Salad Platter, left a lot of taste to be desired and not very filling. Would not ever pay $8.25 for the dish again. (May want to put picture of Chicken Satay Wrap here.)

$3.40 was decent price to pay for iced mocha. $2.40 for hot chocolate was also decent and came in a very beautiful ceramic mug. Shows that they care about the environment since most of their tableware are are washable. They also have a place for recyclables.




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