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A dummy is someone who has a brain, but who doesn't use it. There are many reasons why a dummy may decide to not use his brain. For example, a dummy might say:
On the surface these all might seem to be intelligent reasons, but if they were intelligent, then a dummy wouldn't have thought of them. Here's why they are dumb reasons:
If a dummy will just begin to use his brain, the brain will do the rest on its own. A brain is like a Chia pet--water it a little to get it started, and it will do the rest. Note to dummies: don't actually try to water your brain. The last sentence is what smart people call a metaphor: something not meant to be taken literally, but something a smart person uses to get a point across. Work at it, and you'll be able to use metaphors, too.

Dummies are dummies by choice.No one has to be a dummy, no one should be a dummy, and there are warning signs if you are one.

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