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//Writer's Name//: Kevin McColley

//Working title//: in Your Pocket

//What will the article cover? What will it be about?// A website review of Alibris, a used book site. It will analyze the ease of use of the website, its reliability, and the safeguards it has in place to insure reliability. It will include a comparison of book expenses for required texts bought at the University Bookstore and bought at Alibris, using screenshots and links to both Alibris and the University Bookstore. It will consider the advantages (cost) and disadvantages (shipping time) of using Alibris as a source for required texts.

//What stance will you take? p 32, and again on p 82//: To help people become aware, and to teach. I will be in favor of Alibris as an alternative, cost-effective option to the University Bookstore.

//Consider audience fit//: College students looking for bargains on textbooks.

//Consider how the article will make contact with readers - chap 3, and chap 4, p 80 - 81//: The main point of contact would be what Price calls on page 80 "feelings and interests." The more I can point to how much money a college student--the intended audience--would save using the website would be the main hook. That would need to come at the top of the article. Only later would I deal with the relatively minor drawbacks.

//Where might the article fit on TIO: section and category, either existing or one that will collect others//: Category--Reviews. Section--Websites.

//Research and practices you'll need to do to write the article.// Pull out all the old information from //Electronic Rhetoric// and review in order to analyze the design of Alibris as a website. Draw on my own experience with the website and compare with pricing in the University Bookstore.

//What it might link to - literally and figuratively//: Links to the university bookstore and book costs. Links to the Alibris site. Inclusion of screenshots.

//Article length//: 2000 words.
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