Hand-drawn map of Target

Thoughts on navigating Target:

I am compelled to move clockwise--going left when I first enter the store. This is the case for multiple reasons: 1.) The entrance is on the right, so almost the entirety of the store is to the left (naturally enticing me to head in the direction of 'everything) 2.) The only things to the right (not counting the bathrooms) are the coffee shop (which I would never spend money at) and the women's clothing section (which I most always never need to spend time in) and 3.) Personally, I only go to target for electronic/media items (new movies, practical electronic appliances [today I bought a USB hub while I was there]).

There is a pathway that goes through the middle of the store (top to bottom) from the checkout section straight to the electronics section. For some reason, I forgot to include this in my hand-drawn map. The electronics section is treated like the milk/cheese/meat section in a grocery store--being that I assume more people go to Target for electronic/media stuff than anything else. These things cost the most, and most likely sell the most. All of the extraneous 'home living' stuff is kept in the center of the store--the same way canned/pickled/boxed/junk food is kept in the center of a grocery store. Most people could totally get by without a lot of this stuff (I know you can say the same thing about movies and games and computer accessories--but this isn't a debate about how to go about living a wholesome life)--towel racks, framed pictures that come in a 3 pack that say "Live, Love, Laugh", and Batman candle stick holders being a few examples.

The end caps are similar to end caps anywhere else--housing bargain items and practical stuff you tend to forget (batteries being the most common of all common end cap items). There was also an end cap near the registers that housed a good amount of Dr. Seuss's books. I might be out of the loop--being that I can't recall if they've adapted a beloved Dr. Seuss book into a god-awful movie within the last year. More than any other store though, Target places $5 dollar movies in a lot of different places throughout the store. I'm pretty sure there's even a movie end cap in between the cooking section and the home repair section.

I also noticed that the pet food is placed before the regular human grocery section. I thought that was interesting. The grocery section is a miniature version of a true grocery store for the most part. The refrigerated stuff is up against the wall (obviously) and the junk food is in the center.

All of this being said, I feel that Target is built around the idea of entertainment more than anything else.

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