Wayfinding Through Target

The first thing you notice when toy walk into target are the stacks or plastic red shopping carts that everyone can recognize as soon as they lay eyes on them as the official carts of Target. Just behind them is the DIY Discount aisle that contains cheap, seasonal décor following themes such as Halloween, Easter, Christmas, St. Patrick's Day, Back to School Supplies, and more. If there's a theme correlated with any given month, the DIY Discount aisle will have it there.

Across from the DIY Discount Aisle is the Starbuck's coffee shop owned by Target. They are not an official Starbucks since they are owned by Target but they still offer most of the full menu items as well as packs of coffee and coffee mugs, either ceramic or travel.

Directly next to the Starbucks Coffee shop is the women's clothing section, which covers the entire far wall. It starts with swimwear and other seasonal items such as jackets and coats and gradually moves into dresses, skirts, jeans, dress shirts, t shirts, tank tops, blouses, and other specialty clothes by a wide range of designers. The clothing gradually merges from young adult to adult and you see a more business casual side of Target that contains more dress shirts, blazers, pencil skirts and dress pants. This section fades into the Maternity section which is smaller in size but not lacking in products. Against the back wall are shelves of discounted out of season clothes right in front of the family dressing rooms.

Next to the dressing rooms on the far back wall is the men's clothing section, starting with the underwear and socks and gradually leading to t shirts, jeans, and sweatshirts usually containing some sort of fan memorabilia, usually Marvel related.

Across from the men's section is the women's work out gear, containing sports bras, shorts, yoga pants, spandex, workout shirts and tank tops and socks perfect for working out.

This merges into the women's underwear and pajamas section, containing bras, underwear, slight lingerie, and pajama sets, nightgowns, sleep shorts and pajama pants as well as the occasional onesie.

In front of the pajamas is the shoes section, starting with three aisles of women's shoes containing seasonal shoes such as boots, sandals, dress shoes, or wedges. The next section of shoes is for children, young girls, containing bright and sparkly sneakers and school shoes. The next aisle is dedicated to little boy shoes that have super heroes on them or are in darker, or neutral colors with the occasional pop of red or blue. The next and final section is toddler sizes, both for little boys and girls, ranging from sneakers to boots to sandals and everything in between.

The wall directly in front of the shoes does a dual purpose. On the back side, there are racks with tennis shoes hanging by the dozens that are both men's and women's, though it's normally projected towards women. The other side of the wall is a shelf containing accessories, leading us into the next section of the store.

The accessories section is directly across from the DIY Discount aisle and contains mostly women's products. There are purses, totes, clutches, wallets, and wristlets next to scarves, sunglasses, watches, and jewelry ranging from necklaces to earring to bracelets to chokers.

Next to that is the little girls clothing section of target, carrying the latest trends from girls 6-11. They have dresses, skirts, shirts, pants, shorts, underwear, socks, jackets, sweatshirts, and for the more mature of that group, training bras.

Behind the little girls clothing section is the little boys section carrying much of the same gear. Shirts, jeans, shorts, underwear, socks, sweatshirts, and anything a growing boy would need.

Behind the little boys section is the toddler section, carrying both boys and girls clothing ranging from pajamas to onesies, shorts and shirts, jeans and jackets, and packs of socks and underwear. This ties in slightly to the shelving behind it which contain baby and toddler products such as furniture, bibs, wipes, pacifiers, baby formula, and some specialty onesies and outfits dedicated to whatever month it is.

Behind the toddler section is quite a drastic change from the baby stuff and we are brought into the tech department. It starts with video games ranging from Xbox 360, Xbox 1, PS4, and the games correlated with those systems before going onto the handheld gaming systems like Nintendo DS Lites and the games for that system. There are also PC games available, the most popular being Sims 4 though some Sims 3 games still remain. There are gaming accessories along the chelves in the middle such as chargers, replacer cables, headsets, controllers, and additions to make your gameplay more enjoyable and immersive.

Next come televisions and TV accessories such as DVD players, cables, HDMI chords, remotes and across from that, the movies section. The movies range from children to adult, popular television series to limited edition collectible DVDs and special feature content as well as new releases and old classics brought to life in Blu ray.

Next are the books, both fiction or nonfiction, ranging from series to single stories that have every book lover drooling. They have collections of books like the Harry Potter series, The Hunger Games trilogy, and even some Twilight books amongst the celebrity-written biographies and YouTube celebrity biographies. The last aisle is dedicated to magazines ranging from Tabloids to Country Living, to Pop Tiger and many more in between.

Across from the movies, games, and books is the children's toy section, starting with little girl toys like Barbie, "real kitchen" sets, My Little Pony, stuffed puppies and bears, baby dolls, and pretty pink blow up balls. This gradually merges into the boys section which holds action figures, Pokémon stuffed animals, Lego sets, and tons of superhero merchandise. (Notice I know more about the "boys" section than the "girls" section? Sad, isn't it."

Next to the toys are several rows of outdoors and sports equipment. It starts as outside toys like waterguns, pool noodles and floaties, to water bottles, handheld weights, stretch bands, timers, and other sport related equipment. The last aisle is dedicated to Minnesota Sport Teams such as The Twins, The Vikings, and The Golden Gophers.

Across from the sports starts off with digital cameras set up with wireless printers, SD cards, tripods, cleaning equipment, and other camera-related equipment such as carrying cases and manuals.

Next to that is the Seasonal Section, usually determined by the time of the year. This is the section of the store people will go to stock up on Halloween candy during October, Valentine's candy during February, Christmas Decorations in December, Easter Decorations in April, and Back to Schools supplies in August.

In front of that section is the start of the grocery aisle. The first few aisles are the nonperishables, such as cans and bottles of sodas, juices, fancy carbonated water, bottled Starbucks coffees, and ingredients for mixed drinks such as grenadine and margarita mixers.
Next comes the snack aisle with chips and dips such as queso and salsa and other munchies like mixed bags of nuts, caramel popcorn, and chocolate clusters. The next aisle up are the cereals, granola mixes, dried fruits, and Pop Tarts perfect for little children and starving college students on a budget.

The next aisle is more of a snack aisle, containing popcorn, bags of chewy and sour candy, gum, chocolate bars ranging from Hershey to Cadbury to Godiva. A very dangerous aisle to walk down when you're hungry.

Next comes the canned foods like fruit and vegetables that can be used in the case of an apocalyptic evacuation that forces you underground into doomsday bunkers. In that case, you want nonperishables. Or, to buy and bring back to college with you where it sits on your shelf, staring you in the face as you mentally convince yourself that you'll eat it one day. This is also where you can find prepackaged soups, ramen, sauces and pasta noodles.

The next aisle is dedicated to carbs, overloaded with breads from all different brands. There are also bagels, tortillas, English muffins, and the dreaded Little Debby snack cakes where the creepy little girl on the box seems to follow you with her eyes the whole time you're walking by.

Next comes the refrigerated section containing frozen dinner entrées like pasta or meat and vegetables, frozen pizzas, chicken nuggets, eggrolls, enchiladas, pot pies, premade lasagna trays, and seafood such as shrimp and scallops. Across from that are the breakfast items that need to be frozen such as waffles, toaster strudels, pancake bites, and frozen scrambled egg dishes, breakfast sandwiches, and fruits.

The rest of the grocery section contains refrigerated foods such as meats, dairy like milk, eggs, and yogurt, prepared soups and precut meats that just need to be stuck in the microwave. There are also vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, carrots, peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, and other veggies. Across from there are the fruits. Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and precut apple slices sit next to rows of different kinds of yogurt and a small section of eggs and precooked meats such as sausage and bacon.

On the back left wall are coolers containing milk, creamers, juices, smoothies, and eventually moving onto popsicles and ice creams. This section is most frustrating when you do not have a freezer.

In the middle of all the fridges is a section of foods that do not have to be refrigerated, such as specialty bakery breads, cupcakes, cookies, donuts, bagels, and muffins that sit suspiciously next to a shelf of healthy foods like bananas, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, and other farm fresh ingredients.

Behind the food section and tucked away in the front left hand corner are basic household supplies such as garbage bags, paper plates and plastic tinsels, plastic cups, and Tupperware sets take up two shelves while the back shelf and the back wall contain necessary health supplies.

The back of the shelf holds feminine hygiene products like pads and tampons and the opposite shelf holds eyewear supplies such as contact lens solution, medicine for dry, irritated eyes, and glasses cleaners. This is the unofficial start to the health section if you were to start from the back right of the store and make your way right.

Next comes the Health and Wellness section which provides everything from protein powders and bars to multivitamin gummies to cold and flu medicine and various other medical equipment. There are braces, crutches, first aid kits, and painkillers available for purchase in the case of an injury.

This section leads into the travel size toiletries which provide access to the beauty section of Target. Starting with hair care like dyes, shampoos and conditioners, hair masks, tools like straighteners and curling irons, hair brushes, hair ties, and ribbons. This then molds into skin care such as face washes, lotions, and acne treatments as well as the occasional box of pore strips. This makes a grand entrance for the extensive makeup section containing well-recognized brands from L'Oreal to Maybelline to Rimmel and so on. There are foundations, concealers, eyes hadows, eyeliners, mascaras, and lipsticks as far as the eye can seen. On the end caps are new releases as well as the occasional nail polish rack with hundreds of different colors to choose from.

The beauty section gives way to household supplies like toilet paper, paper towels, Clorox wipes and cleaning sprays, brooms, mops, Swiffer products, Kleenex, and other necessities.

Randomly, this section leads to the last bit of shelving before the registers which holds pet supplies. Toys, food, cat litter, dog beds, cat beds, treats, leashes, collars, and accessories, these aisles have everything you can ask for to take care of your furry critter.

Across from the Health and Wellness, Beauty, Cleaning, and Pet supplies are shelves holding household supplies like kitchen utensils, plates, bowls, mugs, cups, rolling pins, spatulas, mixers, cookie cutters, and everything you could ever need in your kitchen. This gives away to other furniture like chairs and couches, bed spreads, towels and other bathroom accessories, and more practical supplies like hooks, curtains, lamps, and decorations.

The second to last grouping of aisles is dedicated to office supplies, normally designer, for young adults to choose from. They carry designer notebooks, pencils, staplers, paperclips, folders, clipboards, and any other supplies you can ask for.

The very last section is a group of shelves dedicated to cards. Either event invites, thank you's, sympathy cards, birthdays, wedding's, even the occasional humorous pregnancy or sarcastic card you'd feel the need to send to your friend with the best sense of humor is available for your liking. These also change based on the season but the birthday and sympathy cards are always available.

Then comes the final destination: the checkout.

Registers are arranged in two sections to make checkouts quicker and easier for the customers.

The store is easy to navigate because of the bright red signs hanging from the ceiling to mark where every product is. To break it down even more, the ends of all the shelves hold labels on what the person can find specifically in that aisle. Of course, and this may be biased, but most layouts of Target are easy to follow because the store is so popular so those who are used to shopping there don't even need the signs and can just go by memory.

All in all, the layout is perfect for shoppers to simply browse the many aisles at their leisure or find what they're looking for right away. The layout almost never changes and when it does, it's nothing too extreme so customers never have to be confused on where everything is.
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