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For 2017, we'll be using this wiki for drafting, and medium.com as a publishing platform. If you want to get a start on things, set up a twitter account and a medium.com account.

Week of 12 Jan

The first course meeting is R, 12 Jan, 12:30 - 1:45, HS 229. New materials will come online each Thursday or Friday. We'll be using both a local wiki for some work and medium.org for other work. The wiki gives us a local area to draft in. Medium is a space to publish.

in class

Miss class? Email me for the invitation code to register for the wiki.

Due date for EditorialStyleAndOthers is midnight, Tues, 31 Jan.

2 Feb, in class

for week of 9 Feb

9 Feb class meeting

for 15 Feb

16 Feb class meeting

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for 23 Mar

23 Feb class meeting

for Mar 9

Have your map in hand for the class on Thursday!
We're now meeting in HS 248A.

for Thu 30 Mar

This article is proving to be trickier than expected, so the deadline is extended to our next meeting:
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