WCW Syllabus

For 2015, we'll be using medium.com as an editing and publishing platform. If you want to get a start on things, set up a twitter account and a medium.com account.

The first course meeting is R, 14 Jan, 12:30 - 1:45, HS 109. New materials will come online each Thursday or Friday.

Week of 19 Jan

in class

Reading for Thu 21 Jan

Read Web Style Guide, chap 9: Editorial Style. The chapter addresses the commonplace conventions of writing text for The Web. Read the entire chapter.

Part 2

Finish up

Reading and exercise for 4 Feb

Week of Feb 11 - 18

how to post a link to your draft

On Medium Switch over to the WCW wiki.

for Thu 18 Feb

posted 12 Feb. update 17 Feb 2016

Help each other out with comments on drafts.

for week of 18 Feb - 25 Feb

for the week of 25 Feb - 3 Mar

from last year

Maps, i.e. Reading paths

Week of Mar 3 - 10

update 10 Mar 2016 Stuck? Looks like you might be. We'll take time today to unstick.
- Post final by end of the week.

Read / skim / look at as a way of starting a heuristic search

Week of Mar 21 - 24

Week of Mar 24 - 31

Week of Apr 14 - 21

Last Medium article: MakeMeThinkAboutOrganizingWithADialogue


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