Web Content Writing Syllabus 2008

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If you haven't taken ENGL 4170/5170: Web Design


Tues 26 Aug

for Thurs: Seeding a brainstorm
Thurs 28 Aug

for Tues 2 Sept

update Thurs 27 August, 4:00 pm. People have already started to develop their WikiName pages and post their project ideas. If you're stumped, have a look at MalloryMeredith | BethJensen | ChristopherMiles | BrianaFrench.

update Mon 1 Sept 9:00 am The login page was mis-set. It's fixed now and should be working ok.

You can add your WikiName to the participant list below if you like.

for Tues 2 Sept

Tues 2 Sept

Deadline: Thurs 4 Sept: end of class

Tues 9 Sept

Thurs 11 Sept

for Tues 16 Sept
Update 14 Sept
It looks like each group has a solid start: the goals and purposes are sketched in enough to point you towards potential visitors; you've located some related sites (that will need reviewing); and have organized yourselves to share the work. It's time to get some real information from real potential users by talking to them. As I mentioned in my comments, draw extensively on Reddish, chap 2, to guide your discussions with users. The more stuff you can elicit about how they work and think, about their values and attitudes towards the kind of content you're gathering, the better your writing for the site can be; you can fine tune it to suit the specifics of the situation and the visitor. The result is, you'll see, a different kind of relationship between the user and the site - between you and the reader - than you find at other sites. Reddish, chap 2 for interviews.

Tues 16 Sept

Tues 23 Sept

Thurs 25 Sept

Tues 30 Sept

Thurs 2 Oct

Tues 7 Oct
Update: 6:30 am Tues 7 Oct: Prof Morgan is ill. Use the time to continue to develop your ContentInventories.

Server was down for a couple of hours Tues am between 8 - 10:00. It's back.

Thurs 9 Oct
Class will meet.
Start drafting
Tues 13 Oct

Thurs 15 Oct

Selecting and tweaking templates
Tues 21 Oct

Thurs 22 Oct
- Site map planned, template selection, tweaking, and template design finished by end of day Friday, 24 Oct.
  • index.html page uploaded

Tues 28 Oct

Thurs 30 Oct

Tues 4 Nov: Vote!
Template tweaks

For Thursday
Thurs 6 Nov

Tues 11 Nov: Veteran's Day: No class

Thurs 13 Nov

Tues 18 Nov

other examples
Thurs 20 Nov

Tues 25 Nov

Thurs 27 Nov



Tues 2 Dec
for Thursday: Reddish: Chap 8
Thurs 4

Tues 9 Dec


Thurs 11 Dec: 3:30 - 5:30
Doors open at 2:30 - maybe before
Final presentation of your site. Each group will have 20 minutes to present what they have done, including a review of your personas, maps, early versions and changes, the site's current state, and what you plan on changing before final evaluation. Cover the history of your site, from inception to finish. Speak to how particular choices you made in your information design and your text go back to the personas and your goals. No need to discuss the visual design. Focus on how you chunked out the site: pages, page titles, category terms, headings, and dominantly, the information you selected and the prose you wrote. At every turn, take your consideration back to the Redish text, discussing how you either follow her principles, adapted them, or rejected them. Be ready for questions, and the groups observing should ask questions they have or offer connections.

on deck

Redish: Chapter 11: Using Illustrations Effectively. Writers will be called on to select images that suit user-friendly purposes, to bring word and image together.
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