WCW Syllabus


For 2017, we'll be using this wiki for drafting, and medium.com as a publishing platform. If you want to get a start on things, set up a twitter account and a medium.com account.

Week of 12 Jan

The first course meeting is R, 12 Jan, 12:30 - 1:45, HS 229. New materials will come online each Thursday or Friday. We'll be using both a local wiki for some work and medium.org for other work. The wiki gives us a local area to draft in. Medium is a space to publish.

in class

Miss class? Email me for the invitation code to register for the wiki.

Due date for EditorialStyleAndOthers is midnight, Tues, 31 Jan.

2 Feb, in class

for week of 9 Feb

9 Feb class meeting

for 15 Feb

16 Feb class meeting


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