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=====Web Content Writing Project(s) =====
Spring 2011

====First Ideas====

==Phil Peterson==
++ - As a class we could rework an already existing magazine website. This would allow for multiple outline and writing changes.++
- As a class we could come up with a company, (restaurant, doctors office, etc.,) and make them a website.
- As a class we could find an interesting aspect about Bemidji and make a website/travel guide for it.

===Emily Moe===
++ - I like Phil's idea of making a website for a restaurant as a class.++
++ - Another idea would be to make a website for a floral business as a class.++
++ - As a class, we could make a futuristic website on a new invention that takes place in 2025.++

==Beth Vigoren==
- Drawing a little on Phil's idea, we could as a class redo BSU's online newspaper. I tried to visit and either I was having technical difficulties or it doesnt actually exist.
++ - Of course, I have to put that we could redo ++
- As a class we could make a movie or book review website.

===Dan Oswald===
++ - As a class we could redo a major newspapers website like //The New York Times// at [[]] or //The Washington Post// at [[]].++
++ - As a class we could redo a website of an author... I thought of R. L Stine at [[]].++
- As a class we could redo the city of Bemidji website [[]].
- As mini groups we could work on the restaurant website, each group with their own part of the business, menu, location (maps), contact info, feedback, etc.

===Zach Greenfield===
- I like the idea of working on a new version of the city of Bemidji website. I checked it out for a few minutes, and it looks like it could use some serious work.
++ - As a class we could make a website for the Bemidji Amigo 9 Theater.++
++ - Small groups could also do either project, with a collaboration half-way through. Small groups come up with the different ideas, and we work on them together as a whole.++

===Trey George===
- Rebuilding or creating an entirely new school website might be ideal.
-The content and nomenclature should be familiar with every student in this class.
-Easy to break up into groups to design different school websites.
-Lots of examples (good and bad) to draw from.
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