Web Content Writing Project(s)

Spring 2011

First Ideas

Phil Peterson
- As a class we could rework an already existing magazine website. This would allow for multiple outline and writing changes.

Emily Moe

- I like Phil's idea of making a website for a restaurant as a class.
- Another idea would be to make a website for a floral business as a class.
- As a class, we could make a futuristic website on a new invention that takes place in 2025.

Beth Vigoren
- Of course, I have to put that we could redo mnlottery.com.

Dan Oswald

- As a class we could redo a major newspapers website like The New York Times at http://www.nytimes.com/ or The Washington Post at http://www.washingtonpost.com/.
- As a class we could redo a website of an author... I thought of R. L Stine at http://rlstine.com/.

Zach Greenfield

- As a class we could make a website for the Bemidji Amigo 9 Theater.
- Small groups could also do either project, with a collaboration half-way through. Small groups come up with the different ideas, and we work on them together as a whole.

Trey George

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