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======Toasty Beaver's Sports Bar and Grill======

114 3rd St. Bemidji, Mn 56601
(218) 497 - 0497

hours of operation
11am - 1am - 7 days a week

Wifi available and an ATM on site

Weekly events
- $4 pitchers on Tuesdays
Yearly events
- Recently opened this summer, no yearly events known as of right now
Notes on patrons
- Mixed group of patrons - from college, townies, older (fishermen).
- On weekdays it is fairly quiet, there were a few groups of college students when I went there with a few friends, we were at the bar, the others were playing a game of pool.
- There were less than twenty people at that time.
- All men
- There was an argument that two men were having across the bar pertaining to what is the ingredients to a "True Long Island Iced Tea" and a "Texas Long Island Iced Tea"
- the older crowd told various stories about jobs they've had and the like
- the college kids talked about school work and interships.
Notes on food
- I have been in Toasty's about 30 times and I have never seen anyone eat anything but the chips they have behind the bar. but they do have a full menu with the following items on it:
-chicken wings, burgers, pizza, pitas, sandwiches, bar food, appetizers (typical bar food)
- Wings are larger. They use the whole wing, meaning you get both drum and flat.
Notes on drink

Notes on service

Notes on atmosphere

- Seems like Bemidji's best "party" bar. The bar has two main rooms--one for eating, sitting, and the main bar, the other room is more like a dance room with speakers, lights, and a minibar.
- Two pool tables--one in the eating area, one in the dance area. Two dart targets. Two standing game machines-(Buck hunter, and golf.)
- Over ten large screen televisions. Usually playing either ESPN or music.
- A breathalyzer machine near the restrooms is a nice addition that makes it look like the bar is at least pretending to care about
Notes on events

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