No more texting

Project: Go (1, 2, 3?) week(s) without texting.

This article will cover the epidemic we have in society of talking with a machine in our hands instead of those around us. Go into any hallway on campus chances are that someone is texting instead of conversing with their classmates. This article should cover what the writer notices during the week of others in what should be social situations, during class, or while they're alone. These observations should be juxtaposed with the writers own lack of phone use, what problems occurred, what was gained from the experience, what was lost during the timeframe.

As a side note, I think checking the 'texts' you receive should still be allowed considering some important news is relayed through texting (my boss texts me about work) however perhaps calling them instead of texting back would be the solution for this project. .

All stances would work well for this article, especially the 'for awareness' would be the best fit, I leave this up for the writer's discretion.

I suggest that TIO have a section labeled "experiments" where people go a week with or with out something since there seems to be a few of this category started.

Since the research is done while in the experiment maybe this should link to other websites that discuss the social problems phone use has, phone addictions... Then on the other side maybe to healthy social interactions, how to be better listeners, or something of that nature.

This will connect with the reader since this reaches out to anyone who uses texting, and could bring awareness of the hinderance phone use may have on daily communication and social interactions.
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