Thinking About Length

An interesting thought that occurred to me was that the text at the beginning of PageWidthandLineLength would be more pleasant to read if the lines were shorter. The line length exceeded the “well-designed” twelve character per line length forcing me to slow down.

Page Width and Line Length in conclusion leaves the end product of a page up to the discretion of the author as well as the purpose of the text. All aspects must be taken into account when deciding the correct length to use. The four factors of page length are a great example of this. However; multiple instances do reveal that shorter pages result in easier navigation and a deeper interest in the page by readers.

The length of YouTube commercials is something that occurred to me during the reading. Video adds have changed with the format of YouTube adds changing. Originally an add would play every so often before a selected video. With the introduction of an option to skip the add after five seconds companies needed to find a way to grab a personas attention quickly in a way that sways the viewer to continue watching the advertisement.


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