The Landscape Garden

by Edgar Allan Poe

The garden like a lady fair was cut
That lay as if she slumbered in delight,
And to the open skies her eyes did shut;
The azure fields of heaven were 'sembled right
In a large round set with flow'rs of light:
The flowers de luce and the round sparks of dew
That hung upon their azure leaves, did show
Like twinkling stars that sparkle in the ev'ning blue.

No more remarkable man ever lived
With opinions such as these
I have said that Ellison was remarkable
When it had become definitely known
I was not surprised
Mr Ellison
Its adaptation to the eyes
living beauty
In landscape alone
I repeat that in landscape arrangements
In the course of our discussion
two styles of landscape-gardening
From what I have already observed
Our authors observations
devoting his gigantic wealth

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