"The Deep Space of Digital Reading" Notes

(notes from reading)

not as distracting
- different format
- scrolling allows for better focus? varies
- page isolation, centralizing the content
- methodology of reading hasn't changed much over time
- engaging
- most modern form of text, understandable

Book wheel
- unsure if it exists or not
- prototype?
- interesting idea
- where would you get the books? expensive

- capture the attention
- colorful against white background
- banner repetition, chosen specifically for article, see full thing later compared to part of it at start
- read text to understand illustrations

Banner meaning
- narrow viewport versus wide viewport
- opposites between views
- bounded universe
- girl flipping through Facebook, guy reading a physical book
- not forcing its message on you, not final

Commanding attention
- banner image was purchased, not grabbed
- no links in article, even where there could be
- social media and purchase links, cross-reference to another article partway through to Nautilus
- makes you work for the extras in the article, have to look them up yourself

- editorial-style
- limit the links

Technology will positively impact humanity
- optimistic, maybe naïve
- his ideas are definitely possible, could happen, but it's not a real reality for a majority of the population
- literacy for the few, not the many
- people have no intrinsic motivation to go deeper, "programmed"
- drawn to the intent
- choice rather than necessity, not a technical fault, personal fault of distraction

Who are you as an ideal reader?
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