Local Name Used

Full Name as it appears on the venue
Bar 209


Address 209 Minnesota Ave NW
Phone 218 751-2442
Hours 11 am to 1 am 7 days a week.
URL? no

Weekly events

Wednesday's All you can eat ribs for $10.99
Thursday's All you can eat wings for $9.99

Yearly events

Notes on patrons

I went to Bar 209 for Happy Hour on a tuesday at 4:30. There were nine people in the bar, ALL men mostly older I'd guess between their 40 and 70?? There was a group of older men at a table that seemed to be their "normal" spot a couple people came in and went over to say hi to the guys at the table. There was a couple of younger guys in their 20's possibly college students at the bar. Two girls walked in and sat at the bar and said to the bartender "hi we are back." I met an accquantice there who came after work at 5 pm.

Went again on Thursday, got there 7ish and the place was full there wasn't a table available but there was a couple of spots at the bar. This was Bridget's first time to BAR 209 and she said she would describe it as a casual, small town feel. The two owners were working behind the bar and I asked if they have a menu to take with me but they don't yet.

Notes on food

Rebecca: says they have a great burger.
Sarah ordered the chicken quesadilla and it looked really good, I ordered the calamari and it was ok, fine for the half price offered during happy hour
I ordered the onion rings and the chicken caesar wrap with cheese curds. My friend had sweet potato fries which were good but an odd fixture between appetizer and dessert.

Notes on drink

Sarah ordered the Blue Moon and I had a vodka cranberry they were two for 1 during happy hour and he immediately gave me both my drinks and I understand why he did it but still I didn't want my ice to melt in my second drink.
We both just had Michelob Golden Light

Notes on service

Service was good, checked on numerous times offered service right away. I didn't get carded which was surprising.
Service on thursday was good again, both owners were working and they were quick to check in and get us another drink, they are I think twin brothers, Bridget asked them if they are related and I don't think they found it very funny. People helping people is what they kept saying as their tagline, I would call it.

Notes on atmosphere

Atmosphere was pretty laid back, people getting together and chatting it up during happy hour. The bar is very narrow though so I can see how it would be very easy for overcrowding.
Atmosphere was a little more upbeat, they have a few tv's but I wouldn't call it a sports bar and they had it on the same channel on every tv. With the place not even full it was narrow to walk through to get to the bathroom.

Notes on events

Sarah: likes their happy hour. "nice and cheap, 2-4-1's and half price appetizers.


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