My first day of Spring Break began with some light packing as my boyfriend and I set ourselves on a mini trip to my parents resort. This wasn't going to be a normal visit. March 9th, 2013 was the scheduled date for the lodge at my parents resort to be burned down. Courtesy of the Fire Department, of course. The 60 year old ugly green lodge resembling more of an airplane hanger than a restaurant was deemed unfit by the Health Department. Consequently, it needed to be burned down to allow a new one to be built. My parents took the opportunity to offer the building for training new recruits at the the local Fire Department.

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Three fire departments arrive at my parents resort. Wolf Lake, Carsonville and Park Rapids all have greenhorns in desperate need of first-hand experience of being in a burning building. Three firetrucks, a military truck, an ambulance and a sheriff all arrive to make sure everything goes smoothly.

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The wind is null, the air is crisp and thirty excited men and women gather around the lodge, checking and re-checking the structure of the building and assigning teams to make this opportunity as relevant as they can.

10:22 am
Almost two hours of preparation pass before the first group of Drill Instructors enter the building and begin to start a fire that the first team will need to put out with expert precision.

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