Our first offering? run? issue?
[No need to explain too much what TIO is, just "magazine by the students of WCW" or variation of that - and a link to the site.]

[Need a list of summaries that we can mention in tweets. This will be posted to the home page -
[Mention where some of these are located in order to point attention to the Departments -

Include an email byline to encourage response to this@thisisonline.org

[Rhetorical object is to make contact with visitors and move them on to read at least one article - by name of writer or by incredibly witty description. Let's try to indicate the tone of the article in the description - ]

[No point in doing volumes and numbers - just number them.]


Use tags / numbers instead of vol and issue numbers?

Special Spring Break Number


Anne S on living with Alzheimer's.
Sabrina K talks to X about Z
Mike C takes a walk downtown

Eric C
Eric B
Lilly starts a series on SF -
Beth V
Sarah D
Kelley R
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