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Christa Smith
Age: 23

- Senior Student at Bemidji.
- Is otherwise completely dependent on caffeine to function.
- Is part of English group that has major reading assignments.

- Quiet environment for best suited studying.
- Reasonably priced drink as she is likely to by more then one.
- Internet Access to look up notes online and to check online homework the teacher may have signed on D2L.
- Needs to have decent cooling and heating system depending on the weather outside.

- Does like to meet knew people so she may introduce herself to new people.
- Is familiar with the people behind the cash register making the drinks.
- Usually knows a couple people who are also buying coffee depending on where she's going.

===Don Smith===
age- 21, member of a study group

- Don is a junior at Bemidji State
- He is in a Public Speaking class, they were assigned groups and they decided to go to a coffee house to work on their group project together
- The project is a panel symposium, where they need to each give a speech about something with similar topics
- The group has 6 members in it

- all the group members have cell phones, they can get in contact with one another, and they decide on a place and time to meet.
- three members volunteer to bring their laptops with, so they can look up information on the internet that pertains to their topics

===Why the Coffee House===
- The group decided to go to a coffee house because of the location and atmosphere.
- it is close to where all of the members live
- it is quiet (relatively)
- the members of the group like to drink coffee when they work on assignments

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