Writer’s Name
Jake Ford
Ok to go. mcm. Maybe it needs to be in two parts?

Working title
State(s) of Hockey

What will the article cover? What will it be about?
The article will show the growth of hockey in the United States. The three Ms (Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Michigan) used to dominate the sport of hockey in our country, but now the best hockey players are coming from all over the nation and it’s having a positive effect on the country’s results in international play, as well as college hockey. The Ms are undoubtedly the most hockey-crazy (I will also try to prove this is still true), but the reach of the sport is increasing throughout the nation more than ever.

What stance will you take?
Having lived in Massachusetts for 18 years and in Minnesota for more than four years, I have seen first-hand how big the sport is in two of the three M states. I will write about this in a “the three Ms are still the best, but I have to admit that other regions of the country are starting to impress—and I’m not the easiest person to convince” angle.

Consider audience fit: niche
This article will fit in with hockey fans all over the country—there should be something intriguing for fans of the sport in many geographic locations. Because there are still a lot of conservative sports fans (fans of warm-weather sports that think you must live next to a glacier to follow hockey) some hockey outsiders may be caught off guard and brought in to the sport.

Consider how the article will make contact with readers
In my last article, I felt that including something on as many teams as possible would touch as many fans as possible because if you see your team being mentioned, it hits home more and makes you more interested. Here, I have 50 states to work with and one of the purposes here is to show how many states in which the sport of hockey is growing.

Where might the article fit on TIO: section and category, either existing or one that will collect others
Now that there’s a sports category, that’s where this can go so my other story won't be lonely.

Research and practices you’ll need to do to write the article.
There are a lot of blogs and established college hockey sites that will help me get started, but I will try to go out and do some research of my own, looking at past international rosters (for example, if you compare the U.S. Miracle on Ice roster to the roster of the 2012 World Junior Championship gold medal team, you’ll see a bit of what I’m talking about). I will also try to get some good graphics (some of which I’ve seen before).

What it might link to - literally and figuratively
The story will link to under-the-radar stories about how players from non-traditional hockey states have made a big impact in the game today and will try to link to United States hockey in the past to show that it hasn’t always been this way. A lot of these stories won’t fit into the article, so if I can find some good articles that will allow me to not add unnecessary chunks of words to the story, I’ll try to get them in there.

Article length
This is a story that could be 2,000-3,000 words because there is so much to cover, so I might start out with something that long and try to cut it down to under 1,000 words—hopefully shorter than my last article, at least.
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