Kicked to the Curb... and Preferably Beyond

A student smoker's overview of the tobacco-free policy at Bemidji State

Hundreds of college campuses around the country have gone tobacco-free and Bemidji State was quick to join this trend. The rationale for BSU's new policy was not to reduce the number of smokers but to support and respect a safe and healthy lifestyle for the self, others and the environment. However, the Social Disapproval Theory may say otherwise. This theory provides the idea that while tobacco users will not stop the use of harmful products out of fear but that the disapproval of their peers will have more of an affect on whether or not they quit.

Students can expect to find themselves smoking off-campus, unless they want to risk dealing with a bureaucratic, possibly time-consuming, process. Within the University's homepage, you will find an overview of the tobacco-free policy. There is a link to a FAQ page. One question on the FAQ page page asks who will report disobedient smokers, but the question is not answered clearly. The response simply states that the responsibility of following the policy is up to the individual.

While reading the FAQ page, you may decide to have a look at the actual policy. Here you will find the disciplinary steps that can and will be taken against a smoker caught smoking on campus. These steps begin with a warning, so long as the mysterious smoke detectors are aware of how many warnings you have received.


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Researchers from Canterbury Christ Church University have found that smokers are more likely to stop because of anti-social attitudes towards them than from fear of ill-health.

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