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=====Slim's Bar and Grill=====


Hours: 11:00 am to 1:00 am daily

142 Anne Street NW
Bemidji, MN 56601

Phone Number:
To-Go orders anytime

ATM: Provided. No extra charge from bar.


Slim's Bar and Grill is a destination for nature-lovers and outdoorsmen. Located off of Old Highway-71, Slim's stands apart from the hectic nightlife of downtown and offers a more remote and peaceful setting on the northern edge of Bemidji. The building itself is designed in a log cabin style with a cozy interior decorated with mounted game animals and fish. The establishment also sports several flat-screen televisions that usually are broadcasting from Fox News and ESPN. The overall feel of Slim's that one gets from its staff and patrons is a friendly and familiar one. During their busier hours, the air may be filled with conversation from tables of friends and families enjoying perhaps a beer and one of Slim's unique burgers.


The bar's small town and log cabin feel mainly attracts an older crowd of regulars who frequent the establishment, as well as younger college-age students and friends who come to the bar looking for a place to have a burger with their drinks. The booths and tables inside are generally occupied by anything from a group of co-workers having a meal after a job to couples out for a night.


The staff at Slim's cheerfully greet patrons as soon as they walk to the door, and the close quarters of the interior make it easy for them to pay attention to patrons and make sure they are happy. Often staff and customers seated at the bars will be engaged in friendly conversation.

A pool table in the corner, dartboard, and a jukebox also provide added entertainment for patrons. Slim's also provides complementary WiFi and have a wall showcasing various pieces of Slim's themed apparel. And for those looking for a venue to hold dinner party or other social event, Slim's also offers bookings for private parties on Sunday.

====Food & Drink====

Slim's Bar and Grill is known for its menu of American burgers, which are made from 7 oz. of lean ground beef that is ground daily at [[ Stittsworth Meats]], served on a fresh bun from[[ Raphael's Bakery]]with chips and Kosher pickles. Notable Slim's burgers are the Guacamole Swiss Bacon Burger, Blue Cheese Bacon Burger, and the decadent Heart Stopper. They also have several beers on tap such as Natural Light, Honeyweiss, and Pabst along with a few others. The bar is also known for its Award Winning Chili and Beer's Black Dog BBQ Sauce, available in pints and cases.


While it offers its own unique charm, Slim's is not a destination for those looking for a vibrant night scene. It is a small and quiet bar where many patrons go for a sense of familiarity and relaxation. Those looking for a party bar are recommended to check out the **Toasty Beaver Sports Bar**

For those looking for a broader variety of drinks, **Keg & Cork** is a recommended alternative.


Summer Volleyball Tournament

June Motorcycle Ride

October Grouse Hunting Tournament

Darts on Wednesday

Thirsty Thursday

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