Site Planning Worksheet

v. 2.0 Fall, 2009

Create these materials any way you wish - by hand, by computer, using stickies or full sheets of colored paper. You'll be working through versions and posting those versions on the classroom walls as you work. Create the materials for each step a separate chunk so you can swap them out as necessary.

0. Working Title

1. What is the problem the site will address? Specify the audience/users in this statement.

2. Describe how the site will address the problem? Narrow down the characteristics of the audience here, and specify content and features. Start generally but move towards specifics of content and features. Have a look at Wodtke, pp 250 - 254 for suggestions on how to generate specifics.

3. Given what you have so far, state the appropriate business model for your site, and describe how your site will meet the model.

4. Research: Given what you have so far, find 4 - 5 sites similar to the site you have in mind - sites that seek to address a similar problem for a similar set of users. Critique each site to infer how they define and address the problem. Look at content and features. Don't be concerned about visual design. Focus on content, labels, features. Use a few paragraphs for each. Critique rather than review: use analytical language rather than marketing language. Share the work.

5. Prepare for interviewing users and creating personas. (Wodtke, Chap 6)
Given what you have so far, specify the users you seek to design for more specifically. Do this by creating a User must ... table, including each type of user you're thinking of right now (You define the types as you imagine the users.) Use columns listing a user type, how they will use the site (scenarios: in what manner, by what means, how often, looking for what...), and how the site features and content will address that use.

6. Go back and revise 1, 2 and 3 if necessary.

7. Tidy up the posted papers, diagrams, tables, and notes to present what you have.

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