Redesigning a Home or Landing Page

Draw on Krug so far and our discussion so far to consider.

Roles Defined by Design

Consider the relationship the home page is striking with user: Who are you in relation to the rhetor of the page? Newbie? Target? Guest? What are you interested in? How do you know? What features are giving you signs of this relation?

In that role, what are you supposed to do with page and information on the page? What not? What limits are inscribed for you? For the information?

Being invited to share? To learn? To discover? Offering anything they produce? What would be shared if you shared via FB or twitter?


Redesign a home or landing page to establish a different relationship with user. Design, content, etc. Labels, utilities, indexes. Content on the landing page.

Mock up in paper or drawing. With notes. Be ready to discuss. If paper, post image and link. Email image and I can upload and link. If all else fails, bring it to class.

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