Redesigning the Bemidji State University Home Page

Roles Defined by Design

In relation to the Bemidji State University home page, I could either be a guest who is interested in BSU, a student at BSU. The site currently shows that I would be interested in learning about Bemidji State University, academics, admissions, student life, athletics, alumni, giving, and BSU news. The site also shows on-campus housing options and events that make the University's image look good.

BSU's Home Page Targets...

Potential/Incoming Students
I can tell that the University's homepage is somewhat targeting potential students or other individuals who are interested in the school by having page links for the about page and for the admissions page. There are other pages that could potentially let individuals interested in the University see what the school has in terms of news (what students are doing), or athletics and academics (to see what they offer). There is also a utility in the top right corner that is there so that they can easily apply for the University. Also, the residential housing is on the front page, which might be an indicator towards targeting potential/incoming students.

BSU wants these potential students to use their homepage to learn more about them (by using the about page) and learning more about what they have to offer them (by using the academics, student life, and athletics page). Lastly, BSU wants these students to easily learn how to apply to their school or learn more about the application process (by using the apply utility in the top right corner or clicking on the admissions page). The only thing that potential students can't access on the homepage is the MyBSU page and utility because they are not yet students at BSU so they wouldn't need it anyways. Other than that, I believe that they have access to all pages, that is if they are interested in learning more about certain things. And other than what I listed above for the pages targeted towards them, these individuals can look at all of the pages even though it is not specifically targeted for them.

The home page is allowing potential students to learn and discover things about BSU that might make them more likely to apply to the University. Students can learn by learning what BSU has to offer academic, athletics, and student life wise. They can learn more about current students by reading the news category on the home page and see what they are up to. The home page does not only allow potential students to learn things about the University itself, but discover things they might be interested in, etc. There isn't anything that has a share button, but they could copy the link and paste it manually on a different social platform.

Current BSU Students
I can tell that the University's homepage also somewhat targets students attending BSU because they have a My BSU utility that will bring students to everything that they need, in terms of D2L, e-services, and their student email. There is also a utility in the top right of the page that is directed towards students (mostly) because it is a directory of faculty and offices at BSU. The home page also has an area a little bit down that lists the upcoming events that could keep students informed on what is going on around campus. Like potential students, the residential housing information could be targeted to students who are already attending BSU in an attempt to keep them living on campus.

BSU wants current BSU students to have access to their My BSU, the directory, and other things that relate to their academics and student life. BSU wants students to have the information of academics, internships, class schedules, the school catalog, and more, but they don't have it set up very efficiently where students can get to this information quickly. The only quick thing that the school has set up for students is their My BSU utility in the top right corner that allows them to quickly log onto their school email, e-services, and D2L, all of which are very important for students to have access to. Mostly everything on the home page is for students, but the pages like Giving and Alumni aren't really targeted for the current students, but they can look at them if they want to, there isn't any limits that restrict them from doing so.

BSU is inviting students to learn and discover things about their campus. Students have the option to learn more by logging onto their My BSU, the academics page (ex. library, major, classes). Students can also discover different events going on around campus (ex. lectures, CAB events, sporting games). There are other things that students can look at once they leave the home page, but these are the first things that I can think of. There isn't anything that has a share button, but they could copy the link and paste it manually on a different social platform.


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