Bemidji State University

BSU English Department: Dedicated to those with a passion for English

The BSU English Department exists to help hone and develop student's skills in understanding rhetoric, developing writing styles, teaching and argument structure.

We are the only Minnesota university offering an undergraduate degree in Creative and Professional Writing.

There are also programs for a BA in English Literature, a BS in English (Teacher Licensure Program), and a MA and MS in English, and the Electronic Writing Minor will provide necessary skills you'll need in the new media world. If you choose to further your education, the path to a Ph.D in English

BSU offers community resources such as 'Culture Shots, the Writing Resource Center, Hole in the Wall, Old English Reading Group and 'Eat Your Words', to name a few, so that you may stay informed about changes and events within the English Department.

Every student arrives at Bemidji State with different and distinct goals to achieve, and we know that communication between students and their advisers and professors is key to student's success. Do not hesitate to talk to your adviser about your questions and concerns.

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