Bemidji State offers several paths for the English professional. Undergraduates can choose a BA in English Literature LINK, a BS: English Teacher Licensure LINK, or a BFA in Professional and Creative Writing LINK, of which BSU is the only university in Minnesota to offer this degree. Students can also earn a certificate in Electronic Writing, a Minor in English, as well as Masters degrees in English.

Concentrations in any of the English degrees will develop skills in rhetoric, writing styles, teaching skills, and structuring effective arguments.

Students should engage the professors in choosing courses, identifying personal strengths, and assisting you with career choices.

Helpful resources are available through the English Department. LINK'Verb_L', LINKWriting Resource Center, LINKHole in the Wall, LINKOld English Reading Group, and 'Eat Your Words' conferences.

Earn a PhD, write a book of poems, learn to read critically and write clearly--all right here at BSU's English Department.

Welcome to the English Department

Dedicated to those with the passion of English that's in all of us

The English Department at Bemidji State prides itself as still being the only university in Minnesota that offers an undergraduate degree in Professional and Creative Writing. In addition, BSU also offers two separate, well-structured programs that lead to different avenues and careers for undergraduates: BA in English Literature and a BS: English Teacher Licensure program. We also offer a certificate in Electronic Writing and a Minor in English as well. Please see our Undergraduate Programs page for more information. If that weren't enough, BSU also offers an MA and MS in English. Please see our Graduate Programs page for contact and course information.

Concentrators in any of the majors will hone and develop skills in understanding rhetoric, developing personal writing styles, effective teaching skills, and structuring arguments efficiently, just to name a few. To list every useful skill the English Department teaches and prepares you to use in everyday life would be a daunting and exhausting task.

The faculty understands each and every student has distinct and different goals they wish to achieve while at Bemidji State. This is why it is important to create a repertoire with professors and your adviser so you can assure your goals will be successfully achieved, as well as effectively preparing you for each subsequent path of life you travel down. Your adviser will hear your aspirations, your thoughts, your vision and will recommend certain courses for your education, and perhaps even multiple degrees.

The English Department values communication and community as the backbone of the degrees here at Bemidji State. With student resources such as 'Verb_L', the Writing Resource Center, Hole in the Wall, Old English Reading Group, 'Eat Your Words', you're kept informed with upcoming events hosted by the department and changes to courses and programs.

If you want to go on for a PhD, to write a book of poems, or to be the English major on the staff at an organization or business--the one who knows how to read critically and write beautifully--you can find the path here.
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