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Bemidji State University

Our English Department options for undergraduates:
Also we have:
We also offer a MA and MS in English for graduate programs.

The English Department teaches and prepares you to develop skills in understanding rhetoric, developing personal writing styles, effective teaching skills, structuring arguments efficiently, and more.

Always talk with your professors and advisor about any questions you have and they will help guide you in the right direction.

Student resources available of the English Department that help with communication and community include:
If you want a PhD, to publish your writing, or work in writing at another organization or business, one of these majors is right for you.

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The Bemidji State University's English Department

We have three undergraduate degrees available, BA in English Literature, BS in English Teacher Liscensure, and a BFA in Creative and Professional Writing--the only place for this degree available in MN. We also offer a certificate in Electronic Writing, and an English Minor. For additional education we also offer a MS and MA in English here as well.

What you can expect from these concentrations is to develop skills in rhetoric, personal writing styles, effective teaching methods, structuring arguments efficiently, and much more.

It is always important to openly communicate with your professors and advisor in order to assure your goals will be met, as well as effectively preparing yourself for after graduation.

The English Department values communication and community as the backbone of the department here at Bemidji State. With student resources such as 'Verb_L', the Writing Resource Center, Hole in the Wall, Old English Reading Group, 'Eat Your Words', you're kept informed with upcoming events hosted by the department and changes to courses and programs.

If you want to go on for a PhD, to write a book of poems, or to be the English major on the staff at another organization or business, one of these programs is right for you.
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