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===== Emerson on Good Use =====

The ability to connect a thought to a symbol then utter it, depends on a love of truth and the desire to communicate without losing truth. If a man becomes corrupt, his language will also become corrupt. When the desire for riches, power and praise replaces character and ideas, simplicity and truth will be replaced by duplicity and falsehoods. The power of the will then, is lost. Old words begin to mean other than meaning, new ideas do not occur and paper replaces gold. Eventually words lose their meaning and fraud runs rampant. Writers re-use age-old words and phrases, and claim them as their own. Words will lose their power and writers will continually feed upon the works of writers who came before them.

Wise people will not accept the continuation of this practice and will strive to align themselves with truth and God by reconnecting words with images. As our passions are inflamed and exalted by thought, discourse will arise. An earnest man who uses his mind intellectually will see his thoughts clothed in images.

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