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In the article, "As We May Think," by Vannevar Bush, he reflects on the ways the war has driven science. He comments on the achievements made, and expresses a concern that scientists are not able to keep up with the newest research or innovations due to a gap between what is being published and what is being read. He points out that there is no current mechanism in place for scientists to have ready access to these types of publications; however, he shares his innovative idea of the "memex" as a way to remedy that. He lays the groundwork for the memex by describing several cutting edge technologies that would be used (microfilm, cyclops camera, vocoder, thinking machines). he then describes how the memex would work to store materials and to create trails whereby the user could tie sets of materials together and access them by assigning each set a separate code. He emphasizes how this device would greatly assist the human memory by storing information that might otherwise overload the brain.

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