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====The Deep Space of Digital Reading====
- silent reading began around 10th century A.D.
- "the words no longer needed to occupy the time required to pronounce them" -Augustine
- allows mind to reflect, compare, etc.
- people think the Internet is making us stupid
- "critics like to say the Internet causes our minds to wander off, but we've been wandering off all along."
- book wheel and scrolls mimicked Internet before it existed

Read the article with headphones in, listening to Netflix.
Accidentally pressed a button and made my laptop play loud 60s music, so that was pretty distracting.
I find it easier to read online for some reason.

====As We May Think====

Not really sure what this guy is trying to say.
Disclaimer: I'm not an English major so I'm not really used to reading a lot of these types of long readings. I am more used to reading short news stories and whatnot -- brain is in pain
Still had my earbuds in and listening to Netflix
Later, returned to the article while in Ecogrounds, with no distractions

- lots of ads, some are quite large
- these ads are also distracting and hilarious (trying to get your kid to take laxatives, don't stop smoking -- instead eat a cough drop in-between smokes, why one husband kissed his wife four times!)

====The Mechanical Bride====

Read this one with no distractions, sitting in coffee shop
Words are bigger, article is shorter
My extended family made a group chat on Facebook, I am now distracted by the notifications

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